Family history is a theme that is deeply rooted in my artwork. The current project I'm developing is a collection of portraits of my maternal family. My intent is to bind these graphite drawings using old bookbinding techniques to create a long-lasting picture album of the Hernandez family. I want the end product to serve as a beautiful document of our family tree that can be passed down to future generations. I hope that in the creative process I learn more about myself and more about the family as a whole.

My illustrative artwork is inspired by magical realism, classical art, and medieval illuminated manuscripts. 


Kevin Gomez was born in San Diego, California in 1987 and spent part of his childhood living in Tijuana, Mexico. During these early years he developed a deep passion for art. His father taught him how to make pencil drawings of people by using photographs as references and his desire to become a skilled artist motivated him to draw continuously throughout his life. He attended San Diego State University and subsequently took on a tattoo apprenticeship where he was able to build his artistic style. He creates his artwork from home where he lives with his husband Jimmy.

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